All accessories are rigorously tried and tested. Reliability and ease of use are the priority in selecting all of these components.

Ski Bags

Ski Bags Medium £65, Large £75

  • Medium - Up to 7'10" (238 cm)
  • Large - Up to 8'6" (259 cm)

Quality construction with 5mm padding, reflective material and carry handle. They're not too bulky as they are intended for use as an every day bag. They can be used for air travel with extra bubble wrap and some clothes around ski before putting in bag.

Lap Belt

Lap Belt £25

Industrial webbing and stainless diving belt buckle. These last for years and I have never heard of one jamming.


Quality Glass fins £45

Excellent stiffness, wide base with a good finish gloss finish. These can be made the size and shape to suit you. You will need to also but screws and plates.

Seat Pads

Seat Pads Ski Pad £25, Competition £30, 10mm Pad £10

  • Ski Pad - Thinnest
  • Competition Pad - Higher back and rim
  • Plain Pad - 10mm

Excellent self adhesive film comes pre-applied. Two thicknesses, Ski Pad thinnest £25, Competition £30 which has a higher back and rim. Also available I have plain 10mm thick pads that can be used to keep seat a slow as possible or to put under other pads to raise them. £10

Fin Screws and Plates Belt Screws and Plates

Stainless screws and plates £2-£3.50

  • For fins £2 each
  • For belts £2 each
  • Belt plates, stainless steel £3.50 each


Adjustable Footstraps £20 / pair

  • Normal
  • Extra Large

Double layer of industrial nylon webbing with polypropylene stiffener.

Polycarbonate Footstrap Plates

Footstrap Plates £5 / set

Polycarbonate plate and stainless steel screws.