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Applying your seat pad

To apply your new self adhesive seat pad first either remove fins and place ski on a soft surface where you will not puncture the bottom skin of the ski or use cushions to prevent pressure onto fins. Get a marker pen or soft pencil, take of your shoes and put the pad roughly in position its  backing paper still in place. Get comfy sitting on the ski so your legs are bent to what seems comfortable for you, most people have enough room for one or two fists to go underneath knees.


Do the belt up and pretend to paddle and just a have a bit of a  play about to get the ‘feel’ of the position. Ideally you should have the pelvis tilted slightly forward and the seat pan is shaped with a tilt forward for this reason.  The belt position can be altered by slackening off the screws holding the plates down, sliding forward or back and retightening. When you are sure you are comfy and its in the right place, use the pencil to mark the front or rear of the seat and get back off the ski. Eye in the seat so its centered on the seat pan, you can use a tape measure to get the gap the same from each belt box if need be.


Make sure the seat pad is not twisted and take your time getting this right then mark the position all the way around the pad.  Remove a small part of the covering to the adhesive and put the pad in place, then slowly peel off the rest of the adhesive from underneath while pushing the pad down bit by bit as the covering comes off. All the is best done in the warm but a heat gun or good hair dryer can be used to warm up the seat pan and adhesive on the back of the pad.  


If you get it wrong you should be able to get the pad off soon after but once sat on for any time you will not get it off without a sharp blade to help cut away the adhesive.  A good carpet spray contact adhesive can be used if this has happened.

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