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Wave Skis

Anything is possible but Jemski uses tried and thoroughly tested templates that all the skis are based on. Unlike with surfboards, there are so many permutations depending on ability, weight, body type, fitness that each ski is a true custom shape to fit each rider. Consultation or possibly a surf on various skis is the best way to get the ski that is right, one that pushes your performance level but gives you maximum enjoyment. Most skis have the following features but each can be finely tuned at the construction stage to suit rider and wave type.

Each ski is hand shaped to your requirements from a  solid block of EPS (expanded polystyrene), its then painted to your design, using a special paint recipe, before being laminated with a high grade epoxy that has a high proportion of sustainable sap-based resin. A variety of reinforcements are employed including aramid (kevlar) and carbon fibre to produce a light but durable surf craft that will not only perform well in the water but have  along and useful life.

The ski comes fitted out with high quality seat pad, straps, fittings and fins each to a Jemski design. All bolts and plates are is A4 (316) marine grade stainless steel. A breather valve is fitted to allow the air trapped in the EPS to equalise pressure due to temperature changes (e.g when in a hot car).


A high performance ski for who those who want to extract every bit of power out of a wave. Low volume and super sharp rails, especially around the seat give maximum drive and hold. The gently rolled hull shape promotes ease of turn, wide rail facets that become slightly concave around fins not only encourage air under the rail when changing direction but give that extra hold where you need it. This works particularly well as a pin or slightly rounded pin but a narrow swallow tail is an option would give more tail stability and make it good in smaller waves. Get barrelled, get air, spin it round or release the tail. Anything is possible on this weapon.



A highly  dependable all round ski. It utilises the ‘spiral V’ which has a double concave gradually increasing from a third from the nose to its maximum depth under the seat. This flattens the rocker and promotes water flow that channels through the concave and creates lift and speed.  The ‘V' counteracts any tracking that this channelling may produce by allowing easier rail to rail transition. A gentle and progressive rocker promotes a smooth surfing style but as with all shapes any features can be introduced to suit each riders requirements. Be the one who draws the best line but can also put in a big turn or a perfectly executed cut-back.


An excellent beginner or intermediate ski designed to for stability and suitable for all weight ranges. With a gentle double concave under the sitting position this is effortlessly fast down the line and uses a gently increasing V hull from nose to tail promoting rail to rail ability even at increased widths. This one incorporates  wide ‘squash’ tail for extra tail stability but as with all designs a  pin tail can be offered for more hold in bigger hollower waves or a rounded pin as a compromise between the two.  Low seat and up to 27” wide all contribute to stability making this particularly good for those who don’t get in the sea as often they like or aren’t as young and fit as they used to be. As with other skis this one has loops fitted for knee braces for those not confident enough to use the lap belt. Go and catch loads of wave, then paddle out  and do it all over again with a huge smile on your face!

cruiser 01.png


Designed for the 'bigger boned' amongst us!  Suitable for high weight ranges but also popular with older riders, I've made a few of these for those 70 years young plus.  With a flat mid rocker for glide and added double concave under the seat, this should catch waves easily.  Low seat position and up to 30” wide all designed to promote confidence in the water and aid wave catching ability. A rounded pin tail seems the best for both stability and manoeuvrability.  Knee braces come as part of the package but you have the choice of the lap belt also. Longer fin and belt boxes give more adaptability of sitting position and fin placement. Steal waves off SUP's and get back into surfing on this armchair like surf craft.

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