Yes, thats right Jemski makes boards as well as 'goatboats' because he surfs both. Using similar technology and materials these epoxy boards can be any shape you want but three models are tried and tested. Not many manufactures will provide a custom epoxy shape and most come out of a mould somewhere in Asia. They are much more durable than polyester boards and should last you much longer, the first board made has now had over 400 surfs with minimal signs of its hard life.

The Fishdog 5'10" - 8'0"

A personal favourite, lots of retro nods to the original early fish shapes but with some more modern tweaks. Full rails, ample width and thickness this board is super easy to paddle, you are into waves early and will fly through dead sections. Make people envious in the summer mush or wow them in ankle to head high peelers. A fun shape that everyone should have in their quiver. Works best as a twin fin but also well with twice as many fins.


The Wave Magnet 5'10" - 6'10"

A stable and more progressive shape that still picks up waves easily but has less volume than a traditional fish, particularly in the rails, allowing for easier take offs and more drive in hollower surf. A wider nose and tail, gives stability whilst the stepped tail gives release and improved turning ability. It depends how you want to surf this board, it will cruise but also put a big turn in - that's completely down to you. Works best as a thruster but also well with a twin and stabiliser trailer fin.


The Urchin 5'2" - 6'2"

With its compact shape but loads of hidden volume this board is one for those surfers who don't want to follow the convention of short board surfing but want plenty of waves. Inspired by skateboarding, the Urchin will get into places that other boards will not reach. Plenty of foam under the chest but with refined rails for bite and drive. Various options of tail shape can further modify the board as can all the possible fin set -ups. Optimum length will be at least 5" shorter than your standard short board.

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The Mini-Simmons 4'2" - 6'2"

If there's a board for small summer waves this is the one. It brings a smile to everyones face especially the owner. Catches a ripple and goes like stink. Based on the 40's and 50's genius and surf pioneer - Bob Simmons' most innovative creation this thing is simply incredible at catching and riding anything under four foot. Paddles like a longboard but expect to ride one a foot shorter at least than your normal short board. These can also be used as Paipos, finless prone bodyboards, with the same degree of ease and be even shorter.

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